Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Final Design : RF remote controled relay for an alarm.

Hi everyone,
                     it's been a while since I last updated but that's a good thing. I've been pretty busy all around with a new job and plenty of projects for you guys to see. I'm also really happy to say that my "RF remote controlled relay" is working outstandingly well. I didn't expect such a long range effectiveness. I literally get more than 500'' in open space with the Xbee Pro 2.4 Ghz. Since the remote is mostly use outside, in a open field, i'm able to get a great stable serial bandwidth of 19600 baud rate.

 I will soon upload some pictures, documentation and source code concerning how I was able to create a "software network" that automatically verify the quality of the wireless link dynamically between the two Arduino/Xbee pair.

The source code is presently very "drafty" and not really optimized yet.

You could use this little base to build your own thing ! Want a multifunction remote that power-on your computer, lights and A/C in your dorm from the floor below ? Make it! All you need to do is re-use and/or modify it and hook a power bar to your relay (make sure to check the max A/C current and Voltage). (You might need to change the time (delay) that the relay is "ON" .

Note that my project files also include the necessary code to display status, messages, or whatever you would like using the Liquid Crystal Library (comes with the Arduino IDE)  on a simple 16x2 LCD (learn the how-to here).

Source code, pictures and documentation coming soon...

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