Sunday, July 25, 2010

Concept : RF remote controled relay for an alarm.

             Hi everyone,
                                 I am currently starting a new project. I will design a system which will be able to create a wireless communication (Xbee RF) between two Arduino Duemilanova. One of those will be the equivalent of a remote control and the other will listen to the signal and start an alarm momentarily when it will receive the signal.

I need this system to work on a large terrain. I did some research and found out that the Xbee Pro 2.4Ghz can work up to 1 mile on a uninterrupted signal (line of sight). I personally prefer the serie 1 of the Xbee module because of their ease of setup and use.

In order to interface the Xbee with ease, I will need two Xbee breakout boards (like those from Sparkfun).

As for the alarm in itself, I only need to switch it on and off, like an interrupter, so I will be using a simple digital relay which will then be plugged directly into the receiving arduino/xbee device.

With all those component, all I am missing is an user interface for the remote controller. I will be using a simple LCD display to give information about the system and a nice illuminated push button I found on Digikey.

The code should be simple enough, one the link between the Xbee is up and running, all I need is a digital output that open and close the relay.

I will post more details / photos and stuffs shortly.


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