Friday, September 24, 2010

Concept : Wireless Rover Robot with Multi-View Camera

         Here's a new concept I'm going to experiment with: imagine this : a simple robot with moving capabilities and wireless remote control. Simple right? How about adding a dual processor on this. I was thinking two Arduino and a link between the two. That would offer two clock cycle, double memory, real time multitasking and since they are pretty cheap (about 25$), it shouldn't exceed my budget.

       What about the remote ? Of course I could try to get a simple RF remote and interface the signal but what about making my own? Possible ? How about another Arduino? I think that's a good idea since I will be able to encrypt my data between the remote and the robot and even use 802.11 (Wifi) technology (Xbee). This way, I won't really be as limited by the controller or the more than variable link quality. I still need something to control the robot though. I read a while about about interfacing a Wii Nunchuck. I could wire the remote with the Nunchuck.

       Now... how can I make this robot interesting ? How about a camera, on the robot itself so I can see what the robot see... Alright so a wireless video camera like this one would do the job.

   Here's a little sketch I made using Google Docs detailing my original idea :


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  1. Ca a l'air vraiment compliqué mais props pour le i2c!


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