Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3D Model : House Architecture and Props modelling

      I have recently started learning 3DS Max 2010 and the in-and-out of the different renderers. This has now taken me to the fantastic world of mentalRay : a true physical light simulator supporting Global Illumination Caustics and so on. I've also tried to keep a sens of realism with some new more precise modelling technique. I decided to model a simple house. So far here's what I done :

  • All the walls and the floor. + textures
  • Windows and Doors + textures (including glass effects)
  • A simple lamp with photometric light (100W bulb)
  • A fireplace (Missing the actual fire)
  • A temporary ceilling.

    and here's what it looks like :
Interior Design - mentalRay with G.I
Interior Design 2 - mentalRay with G.I
Interior Design 3 - mentalRay with G.I

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